Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Pressure Washing

Professional Graffiti Removal Pressure Washing

Graffiti Clean Up Services – If you live in an urban area as we do, you will be aware of the plight of graffiti that sometimes has to be dealt with by individuals and by companies like ours. But having said that, we are no prudes! We are not dinosaurs that don’t appreciate the beauty of street art. But there is the art and there is vandalism. Graffiti can be great but not when it takes the form of tagging, where it is done on a property with no prior consent in an illegal way.

That is why we are proud of this graffiti removal service. Because in the rare occasion where we come up against a stain that was made illegally, we have the tools and the experience to help the client feel a lot better about the situation before we do a cleaning job that will leave them smiling at the end of the day and recommending us to their friends.

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Picture the scene: you come out of your house in the morning to take your dog for a walk, and you see a piece of graffiti on the garage door. This will inevitably make you angry, you will want to find the perpetrators and often, you will be in talks with police to get the situation resolved. With all that on your mind and the stress that it incurs, you don’t have time to worry about how to remove the stain. Therefore, let us be the ones to help you at this juncture. Do yourself a favor and save our number somewhere now so that in the event of a surprising and horrible situation like graffiti tagging, you will know who to call and it won’t be another stress on the list that you have to worry about.

Graffiti Removal Service

Normally, our work employs the same first step across all of our services. This is a routine inspection, which we come and perform on the property and then we give you a proposal to make sure that everything works financially and in terms of time commitments. However, we understand that these situations are a little different. If you have a graffiti stain that needs removing, we think that a slightly different approach is prudent.

Therefore, we won’t start the work until you have a complete understanding of the process but we will turn up with our tools – our pressure washers and our soft washers, to get the job done as quickly as possible so that you can start living your life again with one more job ticked off the list. We use a media solution that is similar to the one we use to strip paint, but we change it depending on the type of graffiti that is used and the thickness of it. We will do the work without damaging the substrate and we will perform a thorough clean up job afterward to make sure that there aren’t any residual chemicals on the surface. Sound good? Save our number now!