Pressure washing your fence is not only a great way to prolong its life, but it will also make look brand new.  Cleaning your fence is a sure-fire way to make it look like you just had a new fence installed.  Another great reason to pressure wash your fence is to get it ready for staining and sealing.

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The process of cleaning the fence will open the pores of the fence, allowing for the best surface for the stain to penetrate and protect.

pressure washing a fence

Is it ok to pressure wash a wooden fence?

Yes, not only is it ok to pressure wash a wooden fence but it is advised to keep your fence clean as part of ongoing maintenance to help prolong the life of your fence.   Be advised when pressure washing your fence, you should use a lower PSI so the cleaning process does not damage the wood.

Why should I pressure wash my wooden fence?

With all of the outdoor elements, storms, hot and cold weather, debris, etc. your fence is prone to damage from moisture, temperature changes, dirt, and mildew. Pressure washing your fence is a great way to wash away all of the dirt, grime, and mildew, and it prepares the wood surface for a new coat of stain or sealer.

You should always pressure wash your fence before you apply a coat of stain since the stain product would ultimately seal in mildew and dirt if it were not cleaned first.  You should also pressure wash and stain your fence if you want to avoid getting a new fence

Do you have to stain a fence after pressure washing?

You don’t necessarily have to stain your fence after pressure washing it, but the finish will last longer if you put some type of protectant on the wood after cleaning it.  If you are going to spend the time to clean the fence,  you should go ahead and spend the time to protect it too.  If you leave your fence unprotected, it will not have a long lifespan.   So it is to your advantage to make sure your fence stays looking good for its entire lifetime.

Pressure Wash Algae

How Long Should I Wait After Pressure Washing My Fence Before Staining?

This is a tough question as it can depend a lot on the weather, but on average the recommendation is to wait at least 48 hours before staining your fence.  Just know that once you start cleaning your fence it is going to turn into a several-day process by the time you figure in the actual work along with the wait time needed for best results.  Also if you have a brand new fence you should wait some time before staining.  Ask your fence professional if you have any questions.

How do you remove green algae from a wooden fence?

Algae is bad for any fence, and you should get it removed, and killed sooner rather than later.  The best way to deal with algae removal is to mix a solution of one part bleach with two parts water in a sprayer, and simply spray the fence.  You will see the algae disappear and the fence will transform to clean before your eyes.   If you are dealing with a very stained area, you may need to take a scrub brush and using a circular motion rub the green stains until they disappear. Once you’re satisfied the stains have gone, repeat the pressure washing to remove any bleach residue.

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