Soft Wash Pressure Washing

Soft Wash Pressure Washing

We have to be honest, we love a good power wash as much as the next contractors. There is something special about blasting a wall clean or stripping off oil and rust damage as if it is nothing. However, this style of heavy-duty cleaning is not always appropriate and we understand that. That is why we have developed a soft-washing formula and put it into our set of services to make sure that we are always able to cater to all, no matter what the standard of cleaning you require.

What is Soft Power Washing?

So, what is it that makes soft washing different from power washing? Well, we like to think of it simply as a viable alternative. The main difference is that soft washing, whilst very efficient, does not have the abrasive power of power washing. Therefore, it removes the dirt and cleans the surface whilst leaving the substrate untouched and original. But you might be thinking, why don’t we always use soft washing techniques. Well, the answer is simple – not all buildings need to be treated with a lightness of touch. If we are dealing with a metal wall or a hard, abrasive surface, there is nothing underneath that is worth keeping in its original condition. However, some buildings have a little more value in the brickwork. If this is the case for you, then, by all means, come and speak to us or call or email us and we will be happy to explain how we can help (all contact details can be found on the website). If you want to know more right now, keep on reading!

Soft Power wash

Why Does Soft-Wash Work?

It works because we clean the surface without stripping away the protective coating of your home. We use new technologies that combine a powerful approach to cleaning surfaces whilst not using a media solution that has enough abrasive material to damage the property substrate itself. With this technique, we can remove mold, oil damage, smoke damage, rust, algae, mildew, fungus, paint, and even graffiti. It doesn’t damage, deteriorate or even chip the surface because no harmful chemicals are used and there is no residue left to erode the surface once the cleaning process is completed. For the delicate fixtures on your home, we take the time and the necessary care to ensure that they remain beautiful, delicate, and ready for whatever resurfacing (if any) you want to do on them in the future.

Soft power washing

The techniques we use are environmentally friendly and they are great for preparing your building for the future in two important ways. Number one – if you want to repaint or change the look for the substrate in the future, our service will leave it looking clean and ready to go. Number two – if you are worried about future problems, our service can leave the natural protective coatings on the surface whilst still removing the unwanted materials that have gathered on them. We are also always keen to advise on future maintenance free of charge.